Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Beginnings- Never done this

OK, so I know alot of people that have a blog. I always thought it was nice that they had an outlet for their thoughts and feelings, even if no one was listening! I never considered having one myself until today. I was reading a book about how a Mom "Survived" Autism. Her son is autistic, and one of her many advices was to start a blog. I thought, "What a good idea!" So, here goes!

My oldest son, Jacob, is Autistic. He is 5 years old, loving, smart, and doesn't talk. He does sing! He doesn't like most regular food, he is a picky eater. Most people don't get that. They say, "Oh, let him go hungry. He'll learn to eat his food." Not so! I usually agree with that methodology, but with Jacob it doesn't work. He will go hours without food, and then not understand the hunger pain and why he has it. This presents a challenging health issue. How do you make an autistic child eat healthy? Jacob won't eat his veggies, unless we're at the Chinese restaurant. He won't eat meat unless it is breaded. He won't eat hotdogs unless they are cooked in the toaster oven or grilled on a George Foreman grill. He does like his fruit though, and knows the names of all his favorites. Appoo (Apple) Nana (Banana) Orne (Orange) Peecees (Peaches) And, he likes pop! Sodapop for you Southerners! One thing I am happy about though, he will drink his water. At least until he sees someone else with pop. He refuses to even try milk. Not even chocolate milk. I'm not terribly worried about the whole milk issue, but I have been presented with the question of "What about his Vitamin D?" I know you can get it through fish oils, like tuna. But, he doesn't like fish! *Sigh* You see my problem? Any suggestions?

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  1. There's not much you can do with a picky eater, I've got one myself. Having an autistic picky eater is even harder. Will he take a vitamin every day? I've heard that there are vitamin D drops, which I couldn't find at Walmart, but I did find some Vit D gummies. That could be a good way to get some vitamins in him when he's not eating well.

    It's good that he likes his fruits though!

    Have you heard about that book called...ummm it's deceptive something...I'll look it up. Anyways, it takes recipes that kids like and adds purees of fruits and veggies to them and the kids never know. (the moms that I know that use it say it really doesn't change the taste of the foods at all).

    The only problem would be that it requires alot of cooking and I know that's hard for you right now.