Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today 2 of my cousins are having their birthday parties together. One is turning 12, and the other 14. My how time flies, I was there when they were born! I feel old! Anyways, Mike and I are talking about doing something in Lansing today, since we have to go there for the party anyway. We just haven't decided yet what to do!
I had a nice time yesterday. I went out and saw How to Train Your Dragon, a very cute movie but had some intense scenes for very young kids. Then I went to the local chinese buffet (my favorite cuisine!) and had dinner. Then Mom and Dad invited me to their place to watch Old Dogs that they had rented. We had pizza during the movie. It was also a cute movie, but had some corny acting here and there. I don't remember any scenes that were inappropriate, I would say it's safe to watch with kids around. After that, I went and did some shopping. It was a very relaxing time, I really needed it.