Tuesday, May 17, 2011

School Business and Florida

Wowie! Look at how long it's been since I have been on here! I've been so busy these last few months. My oh my, where to start?

Well, all the classes I had signed up for didn't quite pan out the way I wanted them too. I was taking four classes, one of which required four hours a week of working in a certified preschool. I had my own lab assignments and homework for the preschool, so it was more like I was taking five classes. I got so busy and stressed out after six weeks that I ended up in the hospital with an anxiety attack. I thought I was having a heart attack, and my blood pressure was sky high. I was prescribed anti-anxiety pills (which is really a tranquilizer that knocks me out!) and anti-depressant (which is really only a serotonin upper, which is a hormone that aids in boosting your mood).

I ended up dropping both the Child Development classes and sticking with math and writing. But I was already so extremely behind in math that I ended up flunking out before the class was over! So, by the end of the semester all I successfully completed was one four credit writing class. But, I got a 4.0 on my portfolio in the class so I am happy about that!

Mike has done really well in his classes. He got a 4.0 in three of his classes and a 3.5 in the fourth one. He is starting up his own computer repair business that will service the Lansing and Grand Rapids areas. He will fix pcs, laptops, XBOX's and Playstations. He will come to your homes and repair there if the fix is simple enough, or he will take it with him and return it to you in less time than other places would have it done. He also offers setup of tv/surround sound systems and computers. I will post his website once he has completed it. His goal is to offer excellent repairs and customer service cheaper than anyone else. You wouldn't believe how over-priced places like Best Buy's Geek Squad are!

On May 23rd Mike, the boys and I are going to Florida to visit Mike's family. No one but Mike's mom and brother has met Nathan yet! We will be there for a week visiting family and going to the Epcot Center in Disney for a day. That will be fun. The boys will be so excited about all the cool stuff to look at! They are to young to ride any of the rides, but they will enjoy looking at everything and walking around! It should be a very fun week for us all! Wish us luck on the plane, and prayers are appreciated too!