Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well, I had an essay that was returned on Monday with a current grade. I got 36 out of an available 50 points on it. I was pretty happy about that! What the teacher does is grade the essay, leave comments and tips on how to improve it and return it to us. We can then resubmit the essay to her as many times as we want before our portfolio is due at the end of the semester, to try getting a higher grade. I like that, because I can keep raising my score til I'm satisfied.

I also had a pop quiz on Monday in math. I haven't received the grade for it yet though, so I am pretty anxious to see how I did. I feel as if I understood what I was doing, and did most everything correctly, but I won't know for sure til they post the grades.

I have a test in Child Development tomorrow going over the first 5 chapters we've studied so far. I am working on drilling the terminologies into my head, so hopefully I will do well. Please pray for me to have a clear head about this.

The boys are really starting to miss me. I've been gone at classes so much, and gone for three days over the Labor day weekend. And when I am home, I'm studying instead of spending time with them. It is beginning to affect Nathan most. All he wants is me, no matter what is going on. Jacob is getting upset anytime we are getting ready to go somewhere, because he thinks we are going to disappear for two days. Please pray they aclimate quickly to this new lifestyle, and that they have peace of mind that I will always come back home to them.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Studying and Birthdays

I have my two younger cousins over today. They are watching the boys for me so I can catch up on my studying. I have a quiz and a test coming this Wednesday, and I really need to make sure I know this stuff. The math I am actually understanding, it's just getting through all the assignments before Wednesday that I'm having a hard time with. And the Child Development I also know well and understand, but they use all these terminologies for every stinking thing a child does!!! I worry I won't remember them all, and like, every single one will be on the test. So, it's really a matter of understanding which terminology means which thing and then remembering it.

Tomorrow is my cousin's birthday, one of the girls who are here today. My whole family will be taking both my cousins back to Lansing, where they live, and going to a nice steakhouse buffet for her birthday. She is turning 14 tomorrow, and is already in Highschool. I just can't believe it! I held her the day she was born. *Sigh* I feel so old....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Holiday weekend

Well, Mike and I didn't have classes on Labor day. So, we decided to get a hotel out of town and get away. Mom and Dad kept the boys for us, and we left Sunday morning and just got back an hour or two ago (Tuesday.) It was nice and relaxing, sleeping in without the kids waking us up all night. We went and saw a bunch of movies, and ate at a bunch of restaurants. It was so fun. I really needed it.

Friday, September 3, 2010

College life

Well, my first week of college is done. I was overwhelmed at first with the math class. I almost started crying, but I held it in like a big girl! I couldn't understand anything the teacher was lecturing on. I started wondering if I had a right to even be there, as dumb as I felt. Finally, after the second day I was talking to another lady in my class and she told me about my textbook which is online. I can go there and watch a video presentation and read the text, practice problems. Once I did that, things started making ALOT more sense to me.

My writing class is kinda fun, I've already written two essays, and have another assigned that is due next Wednesday. Alot of reading assignments, but some of the reading is actually really interesting. I think I'm having the most enjoyable time in this class.

And my Childhood Development class, which is my major subject, I am doing ok in. I'm kinda behind on the reading assignments, but I am dutifully working through it. I'm kind of worried I won't be able to remember all the terms they use for things. I just got to keep studying and commiting it to memory.