Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well, my new eating habits are making some slight differences. I'm not hungry as often. I don't seem to be craving junk food, which I really thought would be an issue. Since I've been upping my water, my digestive tract has really improved. I have a large 32 ounce cup, and I make sure I get at least two filled with water everyday before 6pm. And the rest of the night I just drink water casually as I'm thirsty. I found this easier than trying to keep track of how many 8 oz cups I've had so far. I lose count eventually. Two big cups is much easier to remember than 8 little cups!

One thing that doesn't seem to be changing is my stress level. I was really hoping I would be able to deal with things better, but I'm not. Of course, I'm still in so much pain, so it doesn't make it easy to deal with anything. I really hope my back will get better once I lose some weight.

My sister, Dawn, hurt her back at work Friday night. She was lifting a box and must have pulled a muscle or something. We aren't sure exactly what is wrong, but she can't walk without support now. Of course all she needs, hopefully, is a good chiropractic adjustment. But being the holiday weekend, no one is available til Tuesday. Poor Dawn, she is in so much pain. I fear we have both inherited bad back problems from my Mom. Please, pray for all of us.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Boy

I love going out to breakfast! Breakfast is, without a doubt, my favorite meal of the day. I saw an ad on tv last night for Big Boy. They have a breakfast meal that is $3.99. It includes two eggs, two sausage links, two strips of bacon, hashbrowns, and your choice of toast or hotcakes. Mike and I went out this morning for breakfast there, and it was delicious!!

Of course, now I have to compensate for the day to make up for the hashbrowns. I only allow myself a very little bit of "bad carbs" a day. Bad carbs would be white breads and pasta, white rice, potatoes. It's almost impossible to completely avoid, so I monitor how much I get a day. I even include any meat that is breaded, like chicken nuggets or fried chicken.

It is fairly easy to do. If I want a potato or fries, I use sweet potatoes instead. They are delicous, even better than regular in my opinion. You can do baked, fries, mashed. When I get pasta I buy whole wheat, which is still tricky if it isn't high enough in fiber. I buy long grain brown rice instead of white, which is a hard one for me because I love white rice. Especially when I have chinese, which is another area I need to be careful with. So much chinese food is breaded and deep fried. I love chinese food too! My favorite ethnic food. I could eat it everyday!!! MMMMM, I'm making myself hungry!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weight loss

Well, I went out and saw Letters to Juliet last night. It was a very good movie. Pretty clean, with some mild language. No nudity or sex scenes, and as far as I recall no sexual references. It is hard to find movies like that anymore. It was a great movie, with some romance mixed in. This is a movie I would like to own.

Well I decided, quite awhile ago, that I need to start losing weight. Unfortunately, I didn't put into practice what it takes to accomplish this. I cut back on what I was eating, but what I did eat wasn't so great for me. And I am not able to exercise very well due to my back problems.
So, I've decided I'm going to stop whining about my weight and do something about it! I can't exercise like I would like to, but there are exercise I can do like walking, going up and down the stairs more often. Mike and I bought a Wii Fit, and it is suppose to have good workouts on there. I am hoping I can find something I will be able to do.
In addition to working out, I have decided to give my eating habits a makeover. Unfortunately I can't just throw out everything in the house that is bad for me, because Jacob will only eat certain things, and Mike won't eat good things at all. So, I have to practice self-control.
One way of doing this is to supply myself with plenty of good food that I should be eating. Sometimes I wander around the kitchen saying "What should I eat?" and grab the first thing I see that looks good. That is usually candy or some kind of junk food. So, I went to the store last night after my movie and bought a bunch of food I should have, everything from breakfast and lunch, to snacks.
Next, I'm going to make a week long menu of what I can have for breakfast, snack, lunch, and snack again. Dinner will be a small portion of whatever I make for the family. This will also help the whole "what to eat" problem. If I already know ahead of time what I'm having that day, I won't need to grab for junk. I bought that Fiber One cereal, because it does actually have alot of fiber in it, and alot less sugar than most of the other "health food" cereals I looked at. Fiber actually slows down the absorption of sugar in your body, so the more you eat, the less sugar you get. It also helps make you feel full, so you aren't starving by your next meal. I also have Raisan Bran, and eggs. Eggs are so good for you, with all the protein. I could have a boiled egg, or an omelet, or scrambled with some fruit on the side. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it gets your digestive tract and metabolism working for the day. It also gives you the energy you need, because our bodies derive energy from the food we eat.
Lunches will consist of things like chicken breast, hamburger, tuna fish, egg salad made with olive oil mayonnaise, turkey sandwiches. All sandwiches will be eaten on whole grain bread, high in fiber. A salad or some kind of vegetable will go along with it. I make my own salad dressing to cut down on the sugar and preservatives, and only use romaine lettuce. The darker and leafier the green veggie, the better and more vitamins it has.
Snacks were a toughy for me. We are suppose to be eating 5 smalls meals a day, or 3 meals and 2 snacks. It keeps our blood sugars level at all times, and our energy consistent. I bought two different kinds of Fiber bars, again high in fiber and low in sugar, but it will still make me feel like I am getting to pig out on chocolate! I also got celery that I can put peanut butter on. I can have popcorn, plain no butter or salt, and fruits and raw veggies. This should keep me from binging on junk food.
I'm not saying its going to be easy, after a matter of only a few days, I'm going to start getting tired of all this "healthy food" and want to good stuff. That is partly why I am making this blog, so I can refer back to it and get my resolve back. Another thing I need to do is take a good long look at myself and decide if that junk food is really worth it. Please pray for me!

Monday, May 17, 2010


There is this really cool website where you can buy practically EVERYTHING!!!!!
I found alot of really great development toys for kids. Go check it out!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bird Feeder

I bought a bird feeder last night. I love watching birds, and we have a beautiful patio with a wonderful view of some wooded area. I can see some birds and squirrels in the trees from the patio, but I wanted a better view. I'm so excited to how many different birds will come to eat from my bird feeder!
Jacob will enjoy it too. He saw a bird out the window the other day, pointed and said "Bid!" He was proud of himself for seeing and properly identifying what he saw. I'm going to set up the feeder today!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's day

Happy Mother's day everyone! I a having a wonderful day so far! Last night Mike and I went out for Mothers day, so they boys spent the night with my parents. We went to Ponderosa then saw How to Train Your Dragon in 3D! I've seen this movie already, but wanted to see it in 3D. It was amazing!!!
This morning I got to sleep in, since there were no kids! Mike would have let me sleep in even if the boys were here. When we got up, Mike made me breakfast, and brought it to me in bed! Scrambled eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, biscuits and sausage gravy! Heart attack on a plate! He made so much I couldn't finish it! He also made up coffee for me, something he barely knows how to do so I directed him on that one. He put a hot cocoa package in it and squirted some whip cream on top! Just about as good as a specialty coffee at a coffee shop!
In a little bit we wil be heading over to my parents for dinner. Today is a nice day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


My oldest sister, Amber, just spent the last two weeks in Australia with my cousins. She is coming home today. Mom, Uncle Mike, the boys and I are going to meet her at the airport and have dinner with her in Grand Rapids. She went all over the country, and I'm sure she has lots of stories to tell. I am so happy she was able to make this trip. It was alot of money, and for awhile she was thinking she shouldn't do it. But hey, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity! She finally made the plunge and bought the tickets! I am sure she is glad she decided to go. I can't wait to hear about her adventures!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Well, Mike and I took Nathan to the DR bc I was worried his ears were getting infected again. His surgery is a month away, and I don't want him being in pain so long. But, the dr. said his ears are fine, only slightly red. Doesn't want to over-antibiotic him! And I agree, as long as there is no infection. So, since we were in Lansing, we met up with a friend of ours for lunch at Steak and Shake. Not my first choice, I would have prefered the chinese buffet. But the guys wanted Steak and Shake. It was nice, steak hamburger and cheese fries. Did a small bit of shopping then headed back to Ionia. It's been a mostly calm day. I'm starting to feel alot better now, as far as my ears and throat go. Back still hurts though. Hopefully I will have more time to check the computer now that I'm better.