Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm feeling better today, so far. I saw the chiropractor yesterday, and I've been taking it xtra easy since then. So far I've only carried Nathan from his crib to his changing table, then to the highchair and back to his crib. It doesn't require bending over much to do that. I had Mike get Jacob up and ready for school this morning. I still feel good, but kinda tense. I'm gonna try xtra hard to not do anything, so my back will stay set and heal so I can get back to normal. Please pray everything stays where it should.

I'm going to a party tomorrow night for an old friend from highschool. He got a job in Ann Arbor and is moving there, so we are celebrating his new job and wishing him well. This is more of a family that I'm acquaintances with rather than the one guy. I haven't been very involved with them in many years, and haven't ever been invited anywhere with them. My sisters do things with them all the time, and even though I only live ten minutes away from them, I was never invited. I was shocked when they called me up and asked me to come! I wonder why all of a sudden they want me to join them? It makes me just a little suspicious, but it feels great to know they haven't forgotten about me. Mike's and my close friends go to church with them, and are friends with them. They hang out with them often, so maybe the family decided to invite me along bc of my close friend. Who knows? I just hope I have fun. Mom will be watching the boys so we can go. It is always a blessing to get a night away from the kids and be around just adults!

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