Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well, my new eating habits are making some slight differences. I'm not hungry as often. I don't seem to be craving junk food, which I really thought would be an issue. Since I've been upping my water, my digestive tract has really improved. I have a large 32 ounce cup, and I make sure I get at least two filled with water everyday before 6pm. And the rest of the night I just drink water casually as I'm thirsty. I found this easier than trying to keep track of how many 8 oz cups I've had so far. I lose count eventually. Two big cups is much easier to remember than 8 little cups!

One thing that doesn't seem to be changing is my stress level. I was really hoping I would be able to deal with things better, but I'm not. Of course, I'm still in so much pain, so it doesn't make it easy to deal with anything. I really hope my back will get better once I lose some weight.

My sister, Dawn, hurt her back at work Friday night. She was lifting a box and must have pulled a muscle or something. We aren't sure exactly what is wrong, but she can't walk without support now. Of course all she needs, hopefully, is a good chiropractic adjustment. But being the holiday weekend, no one is available til Tuesday. Poor Dawn, she is in so much pain. I fear we have both inherited bad back problems from my Mom. Please, pray for all of us.

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