Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nathan's surgery

Well, it's tomorrow morning. Nathan is getting tubes in his ears. We are scheduled to be checking in at 6:45 am. The hospital is half an hour away, so I a getting up at 5:15 to be ready to leave at 6. Jacob is spending the night at my parents, so he won't have to get up early or tag along. He hates hospitals anyway, that and doctors offices. Starts crying as soon as we get near one!

Please pray for a safe operation, steady hands for the doctor, calm nerves for me, and a quick recovery for Nathan. Thanks.


  1. I hope everything goes well!

  2. Thank you. It did, he is up and happy now! Hopefully we will see some more clear speech out of him now that he can hear better. So far it's all been babble. We've gotten a "Daddy" out of him, but it sounds more like Hajee. So, I'm hoping it'll help.