Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh well

Mike and I had made plans to go see Karate Kid last night. I arranged to have the boys sleep over at my parents. I was so excited, because I LOVE Jackie Chan movies! He is awesome, and Jaden Smith is such a cute little boy and a great actor. He was so good in Pursuit of Happyness. (No, I'm not mispelling it, that is how the movie is titled!)

Anyway, I wake up yesterday with a horrible migraine. Lasted just about all day, I was so miserable. I take Imitrex when I get them, but it is a preventative medicine, to be taken when it is first coming on. I woke up with it full blown. I took it anyway, but it didn't do much.

So, we didn't go see the movie. But the boys did stay with my parents anyway. I wouldn't have been able to take care of them the way I was feeling. I was soooo looking forward to seeing that movie. And the worst part, the migraine was just about gone by the time we would have left to go see it!

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