Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Settle down

Well, it has been such a busy weekend! I had Nathan's surgery on Friday, then my cousin's bridal shower on Saturday. Sunday I had another cousin of mine graduate from the 8th grade, and also had my accident! More on that in a bit. Then Monday I was in bed all day in pain, due to the accident. And Tuesday was another cousin of mine 8th grade graduation. Of course, every activity was in either Lansing or another place half hour away. I finally feel like I can settle down and get back into my normal routine. I've missed seeing the boys this weekend. Mike stayed home with them so I could go to everything.

Well, as far as the accident goes, we're not quite sure what happened. I was driving down Saginaw and was coming up on the street I needed to turn down, so I hit my brakes to slow down...... Nothing happens! I'm freaking out, and hitting and hitting the pedal and I am not stopping. There were cars ahead of me, and I thought "I'm going to hit someone!" So, I decided to try turning down a side street so I wouldn't be around traffic. Now, all this happened in a time span of about ten seconds or so, going 40 miles an hour. So, I make the turn, more or less, and go up over the curb and just barely miss hitting a light pole. Blew out my tire. Ironically, the brakes started working after that! We don't know why they weren't working for me.

Well, we are driving around on a donut until we can buy a new tire this weekend, and then we'll have to get a front end alignment. And very soon here, we are taking the car in to have the brakes looked at.

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  1. OMG on the brakes! I would have been FREAKED out!