Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well, Mike is in Indiana right now. He left yesterday. A friend of his from Florida is in the Army Reserves, and finally got a job position for recruiting. But, he has been stationed in Indiana. So, he just drove in yesterday from Florida, and his stuff is being shipped by the Army for him. Mike decided to drive down there and visit him before he started his job. He is only about a four hour drive from us, which makes Mike pretty happy.

They are staying at a hotel, and today they should be apartment shopping together, looking very much like a gay couple!!!! Then they will do some furniture shopping and all that. He was living in a furnished apartment in Florida, so he is going to need everything. Mike is looking forward to helping him out with getting settled. I hope they find a place this weekend, so he doesn't have to live out of a hotel for very long.

Now is a good time for Mike to be there, before college starts. Once we begin, there won't be time to visit anyone until Christmas break, at least. And then things will be busy for Christmas, so who knows what we'll be doing for fun?!?!

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