Sunday, July 18, 2010


I am so bored. I've had nothing to do for almost a week now. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. I've been entertaining myself watching movies and tv shows on dvd. But I've pretty much run out of those. I've read all my books at least once, if not more. I've been so bored I haven't even had anything to blog about!

Last Saturday Nathan threw my cell phone into a cup of water, submerging it. So, it stopped working. I was so upset. I knew buying a new phone would be to expensive for me to afford right now. Plus, it's my only phone. We don't have a home phone. So, this last week I couldn't even call anyone to chit chat. I had to wait to see if anyone got on Facebook.

I've only been outside once since last Saturday, and that was just to go shopping for groceries. So, it doesn't really count. I was wanting to go to lunch with Mom yesterday, but by the time I got her on FB, Dad had already left to work with the car. So we couldn't do that.

My sister, Amber, found an old verizon cell phone that she brought to town last night. She was going to charge it up and transfer my account to that phone. Someone told me last week about putting the phone in rice for a few days and it would absorb the water from the phone. That sounded silly, but I figured rice is cheaper than a new phone. So I tried it. I kept it in the rice for 5 days, and finally pulled it out last night and put it all back together. Pushed the power button and.... Nothing. I was so disappointed, I was really hoping it would work. Then this morning Mike tells me, "I plugged your phone in to charge, and it came on!" !!!!! Yaaaay! My phone is now working.

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