Thursday, January 13, 2011

What a break!

Well, this Christmas break has felt very long! And not to terribly relaxing. Christmas time is always hectic and I am actually glad that it is over now. It was a nice enough Christmas, spent time with all my family, hung out with friends. Got some nice stuff and the boys got alot of clothes which was greatly needed.

Last Saturday my sister fell on ice outside of work taking trash out. She fell on top of her leg and broke her fibea bone in her leg, and broke alot of ligaments in her ankle which pushed her ankle out of place. She was in soooo much pain. My parents and I went to stay with her in the hospital after we found out she needed surgery to fix her up. They set her bones back in place and used a pin to hold her ankle put until the ligaments heal. Then they put a small titanium plate next to her fibea bone that will be permanent to offer support.

Now she has to be off her feet for 6 to 8 weeks, so she is losing all her income. She is staying with my parents until she can be back up and around. I've been over there everyday this week to help out as much as I can. That will stop this next week once school starts. So please pray she heals quickly!

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  1. I read about your sister on Facebook, I was cringing just hearing about all the damage to her ankle! Ouch!