Saturday, September 11, 2010

Studying and Birthdays

I have my two younger cousins over today. They are watching the boys for me so I can catch up on my studying. I have a quiz and a test coming this Wednesday, and I really need to make sure I know this stuff. The math I am actually understanding, it's just getting through all the assignments before Wednesday that I'm having a hard time with. And the Child Development I also know well and understand, but they use all these terminologies for every stinking thing a child does!!! I worry I won't remember them all, and like, every single one will be on the test. So, it's really a matter of understanding which terminology means which thing and then remembering it.

Tomorrow is my cousin's birthday, one of the girls who are here today. My whole family will be taking both my cousins back to Lansing, where they live, and going to a nice steakhouse buffet for her birthday. She is turning 14 tomorrow, and is already in Highschool. I just can't believe it! I held her the day she was born. *Sigh* I feel so old....

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