Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's Thanksgiving, and the turkey smells great! I got up about 8 this morning, since the boys stayed up late so they slept in. That was nice. I got the turkey all cleaned and stuffed with stove top stuffing and in the oven by 9am. It'll be coming out around 4pm. It's a big bird! I made an apple and a pumpkin pie last night, and still have two more to make but it can wait til tonight. Potatoes are cut up and ready to be cooked and mashed, green bean casserole is put together and in the fridge waiting to be cooked, frozen corn in the freezer and premade biscuits to be cooked, and I am making my own gravy from the turkey broth once it comes out. MMMM I cant wait for dinner!

Craig should be arriving right around 4, and is eager to watch the football game. Apparently he is a big Saints fan and this is their first time playing the Thanksgiving game, so he is excited.

Soon after dinner I am taking Jacob and Nathan over to Mom and Dad's to see the rest of my family. My sisters and cousins are over there today and want to see the boys. We will visit for an hour or two and then head back home.

Mike's brother Jason has a webcam on his XBOX360, and Mike is going to do a videochat with his family tonight so they can see the boys today as well. It should be a fairly nice and relaxing day once I get dinner all finished up, and then clean up afterwards.


  1. You are crazy - I can't believe you made everything yourself! I was lazy and let Moje do all the dinner prep over here this Thanksgiving!

  2. Well, the pies were premade Sara Lee, and the stuffing was stove top! Aside from that I made everything from scratch though. It isn't difficult if you do it in stages.

  3. I went shopping for it! lol

  4. Yea, because we all know the shopping is the hardest part of the whole meal!!!! But seriously, it was great of you to pick it all up for me so I could spend time with my family. I love you babe!